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View manufacturers 8.453 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Balance for static weighting. Methods and means for verification
View manufacturers 8.520 State system of ensuring the uniformity of measurements. General purpse balances and reference balances. Rules and procedure forverification
View manufacturers 9.602 Unified system of corrosion and ageing protection. Constructions underground. General reguirements to corrosion protection
View manufacturers 33 Petroleum products. Method for determination of kinematic viscosity and calculation of dynamic viscosity
View manufacturers 147 Brown coals, hard coals, anthracite, combustible shales, turf and briquettes. Method for determination of specific heat of combustion
View manufacturers 511 Fuel for engines. Motor method for determination of octane number
View manufacturers 981 Mineral oils. Method for determination of oxidation stability
View manufacturers 1440 Instruments for determination of petroleum products penetration. General specifications
View manufacturers 1567 Motor fuel. Method for determination of existent gums
View manufacturers 1756 Petroleum products. Methods for determination of saturated vapours pressure
View manufacturers 1770 Laboratory volumetric glassware. Cylinders, beakers, measuring flasks and test tubes. General specifications
View manufacturers 2059 Solid mineral fuel. Determination of total sulfur. High temperature combustion method
View manufacturers 2177 Petroleum products. Methods for determination of distillation characteristics
View manufacturers 2477 Petroleum and petroleum products. Method for the determination of water content
View manufacturers 2604.1 Alloy cast iron. Methods for determination of carbon
View manufacturers 2667 Light petroleum products. Method for determination of colour
View manufacturers 2917 Oils and Additives. Method of test for Corrosion Influence on Metals
View manufacturers 3122 Diesel fuel. Method for determination of cetane index
View manufacturers 3900 Petroleum and petroleum products. Methods for determination of density
View manufacturers 4039 Automobile gasolines. Methods of test for induction period
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