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07.02.05 The achievement of important aims as well as the investments in high technology have allowed us on one hand to bring essential modifications on our safety cabinets and on the other hand to introduce new cabinet typology.

This year Labor Security System enters the market with a completely renewed product range in accordance with new European Norms. L.S.S. in corformity with stricter and stricter fireproof regulations is pleased to present its news for the year 2005 as follows:

- SAFETYBOX FWF - safety cabinet equipped with new internal fireproof insulation made up of porous insulating matter with high fire resistance.
- SAFETYBOX CD - safety cabinet for documents, magnetic and paper records. It could be very interesting and useful for offices, schools, universities and banks, that have to save Cd-Rom and important documents in a safe place.
- SAFETYBOX AA 700 - aspirated and filtered safety cabinet for storage of approx. 90 litres of chemicals, acids and bases. TUV Certification.
- NEW BASE - each model of Safetybox, but models AC 700/50 GS; AC 1000/50 GS and AB 1000 GS will be equipped with new base, which make our cabinets more easily transportable.
- FILTER AND FAN KIT - on request for models A 100 and A 700.
- STANDARDIZED CLOSING SYSTEM - each model of Safetybox, but models AB 700 GS and AB 1000 GS, are equipped with new closing system, which is safer and provides much internal volume.

By visiting our website: www.laborsecurity.com you can have a complete and always up-to-date description of our product range.

Feel free to contact us in case of any enquiries or further information.

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