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Moscow Analytec, Ecological Centre
Moscow Analytica, JSC
Moscow Analytical Centre on Interuniversity Scientific and Technical Programs
Sweden Analytical Devices AB
USA Analytical Instrument Recycle, Inc.
Denmark Analytical Instruments A/S
USA Analytical Scientific Instruments, Inc.
USA Analytical Sensors, Inc.
USA Analytical Services, Inc.
USA Analytical Spectral Devices, Inc.
UK Analytical Technology, Inc.
Turkey Analytik A.S.
Germany Analytik Jena AG
Moscow Analytik Jena AG - Moscow Office
Saint-Petersburg Analytik Jena AG - St.-Petersburg Office
Sverdlovsk Region Analytika & Kontrol`
USA Analytix, Inc.
Moscow Analytmarketing, JSC
Saint-Petersburg Analytmarketing, JSC - St.-Petersburg Office
Saint-Petersburg Analytpribor, JSC
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