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Chemistry 12th International Exhibition.

September 8 - 12, 2003
Pavilion #2 and Forum of ZAO Expocentr's Krasnaya Presnya fairgrounds.


Exhibition character:

Khimia is the largest branch show not only on Russia, but also in the CIS member-states. It is registered by the Union of International Exhibition and Fairs – UFI and has a Mark of the International Union of Exhibitions and Fairs of the CIS and Baltic states.

This international exhibition of the world achievements in the field of chemistry and petrochemistry provides scientific, technical and business circles every opportunity to familiarize themselves with the latest elaborations in this very important sphere of production, establish necessary business contacts, and sign agreements.

The Khimia Exhibition was launched by ZAO Expocentr in 1965. Nowadays, the show is a biannual event. The previous exhibition took place in Moscow in 2001.

Main sections:

  • Raw materials for the chemical and petrochemical industries
  • Base and non-organic chemicals
  • Agrochemistry
  • Oil processing and petrochemistry
  • Fuel, lubricants
  • Organic synthesis
  • Synthetic resins, plastics, processing of plastics
  • Chemical fibres and yarns
  • Composite materials, GRPs
  • Paints and coatings
  • Synthetic rubber
  • Technical rubberwares, tires
  • Household chemicals, perfumery and cosmetics
  • Low-tonnage chemistry
  • Reagents and catalysts
  • Cinematographic and photomaterials, magnetic carriers
  • Microbiological synthesis, biotechnologies
  • Medical and pharmaceutical substances
  • Consumer goods
  • Design of chemical facilities, storehouses and terminals
  • Chemical production management
  • Transportation of chemicals and petrochemicals
  • Packaging
  • Chemical technologies, scientific research
  • Automation instruments and facilities
  • Laboratory equipment and flasks
  • Environmental conservation
  • Fire-safety, explosion-proof and personal protective devices
  • Information support


ZAO Expocentr
Russia, 123100, Moscow, Krasnopresnenskaya nab., 14
Contact telephone: (7 095) 255-37-35, (7 095) 255-37-99, (7 095) 205-28-00
: (7 095) 205-60-55
E-mail: mezvist@expocentr.ru, mir@expocentr.ru
Person in charge - Mrs. Tatiana N. Zinovyeva

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