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10th International Exhibition of Equipment for the Oil and Gas Industries

June 21 - 25, 2004
ZAO Expocentr's Krasnaya Presnya fairgrounds


Exhibition character:

The Exhibition was first staged by Expocentr in 1978.
In 1992 it became a biannual affair.
In 2002, the Exhibition welcomed more than 750 companies from 28 countries.

Russia's oil and gas resources enable it not only to satisfy its own demands in fuel and energy but also play an important role on the world energy market. Russian energy resources enjoy great demand on foreign markets.

Further expansion of mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign companies allows increasing volumes and quality of oil-and-gas production and processing equipment manufacturing, carry out reconstruction of branch enterprises attracting foreign investors and obtaining advanced technologies. Investment attraction of some development projects has been acknowledged by scientists and experts.

The largest in Russia and the CIS international show of machinery and technologies for oil, gas, oil-refining and petrochemical industries Neftegaz exerts influence on the development of Russia's fuel and energy complex.

Regular participation in the exhibition of major oil and gas concerns from the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Finland, Canada and other countries as well as leading Russian companies proves the show's high prestige and international recognition.

Equipment for oil and gas production and processing, development projects and petrochemical products presented at the exhibition give a clear idea of technological and production potentialities of Russian and foreign producers.

The 10th International Exhibition Neftegaz '2004 presents advanced technologies and helps to expand mutually beneficial cooperation, promote investment and integration projects and trade contacts.

Main sections:

  • Scientific developments and innovative technologies in the following fields:
    • Oil and gas prospecting geology and geophysics
    • Drilling of oil and gas wells
    • Deposit development
    • Offshore stationary platforms, floating drilling units, offshore deposit development equipment
    • Automation for extraction and preparation of oil and gas for transportation
    • Environment conservation
    • Protection of equipment and pipelines from corrosion
    • Safety engineering and fire fighting facilities
    • New chemicals, materials, and processes in the oil and gas industries
    • Up-to-date technologies and facilities for geological survey of oil and gas
    • New technologies and equipment for natural gas extraction, storage, transportation, processing and distribution
    • Construction of projects for oil, gas, oil processing and petrochemical industries including offshore facilities
    • Modern equipment and technologies for oil processing and petrochemistry
    • Scientific-and-technical literature


    Expocentr ZAO
    14 Krasnopresnenskaya nab., 123100, Moscow, Russia
    Phone: (7 095) 255-37-99, (7 095) 205-28-00
    Fax: (7 095) 205-72-10, (7 095) 205-60-55
    E-mail: centr@expocentr.ru,

    Project manager
    Mrs. Galina Yu. Kalinina
    Phone: (7 095) 255-37-61
    Fax: (7 095) 205-60-55
    E-mail: kalinina@expocentr.ru

    Messe Dusseldorf GmbH (Germany)
    Address: Messeplatz, 40474 Dusseldorf, Germany
    Phone: (49 0) 211 4560-01, (49 0) 211 4560-900
    Fax: (49 0) 211 4560-668, (49 0) 211 4560-8525
    E-mail: info@messe-duesseldorf.de,

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