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Instruments, research technologies, equipment, expendable materials.

With the support from the St.Petersburg Center for Testing and Standardization "TEST - St.Petersburg".
10 - 13 September 2002
Mikhailovsky Manege (2 Manezhnaya Square), St.Petersburg, Russia


Exhibition character:

Scientific and technological progress is one of the main factors in development of the state and a guarantee for its economic growth. Laboratories are places where innovations in different spheres are developed, experiments are conducted and research is done. It is necessary to have special equipment and materials for successful work and research.

St.Petersburg is one of the largest scientific centers in Russia. The city has over 500 research institutes in different industries, Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. St.Petersburg has over 200 higher and professional education institutions. St.Petersburg has immense demand for modern laboratory equipment and materials, there is a great number of consumers of products that will be presented at the exhibition.

Main sections:

  • Laboratory equipment for research and clinical diagnostics
  • Equipment for high-tech manufactures, serial and exclusive instruments
  • Instruments and means for environmental monitoring and special control
  • Express analysis technologies
  • Laboratory products:
    • laboratory equipment
    • furniture, containers, special wear
    • expendable materials
  • Analytical and laboratory weighing equipment
  • Measuring instruments
  • Equipment for storage and utilization of research wastes
  • Services and metrology
  • Standardization and certification
  • Laboratory research technologies (including software and research automation)

We invite to exhibit: enterprises - manufacturers of equipment for laboratories; research centers, research institutes, design bureaus - developers of instruments and tools for laboratory research; trading companies specializing in sales of instruments, equipment and materials for laboratories; higher education institutions.

Participation in the "Laboratory" exhibition will allow to get the idea of the state and prospects in development of laboratories as place for research in different spheres of science and technologies, to present new equipment and research technologies, to establish contacts with manufacturers and consumers of products for research process.

"Laboratory" is the best way for organizing a dialogue between professionals on prospects for development of the market of laboratory products.

The exhibition is held together with the specialized exhibition "Defectoscopy".This combination is not contingent. The "Laboratory" show expands the topics of the "Defectoscopy" exhibition devoted to non-destructive testing and diagnostics.

We invite you to take part in the specialized exhibition "Laboratory-2002"!

Terms of Participation

Space Application Form (file RTF)

Invitation Ticket to the Exhibition


the Scientific and Industrial Exhibitions Division:
RESTEC Exhibition Company
12 Petrozavodskaya St., St.Petersburg, Russia
Tel: +7 812 320 8092, 320 9676, 235 0497
Fax: +7 812 320 8090
E-mail: sci&ind@restec.ru

Director of Scientific and Industrial Exhibitions Division
Leonid Zakharenkov, Ph.D.
Project Manager
Sergey Raikov
Promotion Manager
Irina Kukonkova

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