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International Specialised Exhibition

17 - 20 May 2005
Moscow, Olymiysky complex

Exhibition character:

The "Laboratory industrial testing" exhibition and conference are supported Control. Diagnostics.
Industrial laboratory. Materials diagnostics.
Laboratory Journal.
Lab equipment in the focus of view (www.lab.ru)

Main sections:

  • laboratory equipment and devices
  • control equipment
  • weight control equipment
  • devices and equipment for electro-chemistry
  • laboratory heating and freezing equipment
  • laboratory mixers, shakers
  • equipment to prepar tests for analysis
  • systems and equipment for water cleaning
  • laboratory equipment for biotechnology
  • laboratory furniture, exhaust hoods and laminar hoods
  • equipment for dissolubility research
  • gas and liquid chromatographs, equipment for chromatography
  • filters and filtraition materials
  • equipment for meteorology research
  • technologies and equipment for claen premises
  • equipment for liquid dosage
  • optical devices for laboratories
  • devices and tools for spectroscopy
  • equipment for mobile laboratory
  • analitical equipment and devices
  • protecting devices and overalls
  • mechanical rubber goods
  • devices and equipment for testing and control material characteristics
  • chemical reagents, superpure substances and catalysts
  • devices for chemical analysis
  • software for laboratories


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