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Ammeter Ammeter
Aniline Point Tester Aniline Point Tester
Barometer Barometer
Calorimeter Calorimeter
Capillary Viscometer Capillary Viscometer
Colorimeter Colorimeter
Comparator Comparator
Compass Compass
Cylinder, Graduated Cylinder Cylinder, Graduated Cylinder
Dial Indicator Dial Indicator
Distillation Apparatus Distillation Apparatus
Distiller Distiller
Ductility Meter Ductility Meter
Dynamometer Dynamometer
Flowmeter Flowmeter
Freezing Point Apparatus Freezing Point Apparatus
Hydrometer Hydrometer
Hygrometer Hygrometer
Lead Lead
Magnetic Thermometer Magnetic Thermometer
amm - mag mea - the the - wei

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