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DSA100/DSA100L - The new contact angle measuring system generation. Flexible sample size, flexible measuring technique – with its double modularity concept KRUSS GmbH has revolutionized contact angle measuring technology.

DSA10HT - The high temperature measuring system for contact angle measurements on glasses, metals and alloys at temperature up to 1900°C.


Introduction to online business
In the last few days it has become possible to purchase directly from KRUSS via the Internet. Initially you will find here the new PocketDyne Bubble Pressure tensiometer BP2100.

KRUSS homepage with a new appearance
In the last few days the German pages of the KRUSS homepage have appeared in a new design.

KRUSS GmbH honoured for innovative energy.
KRUSS GmbH has been honoured for its outstanding performances in the fields of innovation and creativity by being included as one of the TOP100 medium-sized companies in Germany.


Again we are happy to present numerous new products from KRUSS. Let us highlight two products here: The DSA100 represents the new generation of contact angle measuring systems that comes with revolutionary new features. The DSA10HT on the other hand allows you to measure contact angles on glasses, metals and alloys at temperatures up to 1900°C.

Also we have changed a lot in the way we present ourselves towards you and all our customers. We are proud to present our Online Shop and our new Web-Design. The Online Shop allows you to try out our new bubble pressure tensiometer PocketDyne in a virtual manner with plenty of information at your finger tips and gives you access to an easy and secured way for ordering the instrument.

We also underline just another time our claim to be the solution provider with our reports on new applications taken from industries that use our instrumentation. One of the things we show are first results from our new video supported Spinning Drop Tensiometer SITE100 for the measurement of very small interfacial tensions.

And we are especially happy to announce that KRUSS has been awarded as one of the TOP100 innovative medium-sized companies in Germany in 2003. We have officially received the award at a gala night on July 4 in Berlin which was hosted by Prof. Dr. h.c. Lothar Spath, former prime minister of Baden-Wurttemberg. We were awarded for outstanding achievements in innovation and creativity.


Latest From the Denver conference

D8 FOCUS – Your Dedicated Performer for Powder Diffraction*
(* for the time being only available in USA and Canada)

The D8 FOCUS is our new attractively priced entry-level system for powder diffraction applications. Based on the proven D8 Series II technology, the D8 FOCUS continues the high quality standards of Bruker AXS and is upwardly compatible

Qualitative phase analysis
Quantitative phase analysis
Structure solution and refinement
Crystallite size determination
Microstrain analysis

Parallel beam geometry for irregularly shaped samples and high- and low temperature measurements
Bragg-Brentano geometry for standard powder samples

Quick exchange of optics and sample holders without tools and without realignment.

Leading software with superior full-pattern search
Choice of detectors: scintillation counter, Sol-X, and position sensitive detector (PSD) to be exchanged without realignment


Discovery Partners International, Inc. and Bruker AXS Inc. Announce Strategic Alliance and Distribution Agreement

SAN DIEGO and MADISON, Wis., July 25 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Discovery Partners International, Inc. (Nasdaq: DPII) and Bruker AXS Inc., a subsidiary of Bruker BioSciences Corporation (Nasdaq: BRKR) announced today that they have entered into a significant multi-year strategic alliance. Under the terms of the agreement, Discovery Partners and Bruker AXS will collaborate to provide seamless integration of systems for protein crystallization and X-ray crystallography for structural proteomics applications. Effective immediately, Bruker AXS will become the worldwide distributor for Discovery Partners' Crystal Farm(TM) line of protein crystallography products. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.
Discovery Partners' Crystal Farm(TM) is the first commercially available integrated incubation and imaging system for protein crystallization to be offered to the Proteomics community. By providing high throughput protein crystallization automation, Crystal Farm(TM) is addressing the critical drug discovery quest for high-speed structure based drug design. This system combines capacity for up to 40,000 simultaneous experimental conditions, with DPI's patent pending "Cool Flash" imaging technology, and includes a web- browser based interface that controls all system functions either locally or remotely, including priority-based image scheduling, viewing and scoring. Experimental results stored in a SQL database can be easily mined for monitoring crystallization experiments


Setting the benchmark for high sensitivity energy dispersive X- ray fluorescence analysis (EDXRF)

Kleve, Germany -- July, 2003
Instrument design
The new SPECTRO X-LABa 2000 is equipped with a 400 W Pd end window X- ray tube. The excitation radiation is optimized using various polarization and secondary targets, the spectral background is reduced by up to an order of magnitude. As detection system a state-of-the-art high resolution Si(Li) semiconductor detector is selected due its excellent sensitivity for low and high energies at the same time. With this it is possible to analyze traces as well as majors in a wide range of applications very precisely. The optimized instrument design is supported by unique integrated software and is accepted as the benchmark for high sensitivity EDXRF.

End window tube
The Pd taget end window tube allows to use the low energy radiation for excitation of the light elements such as Na- Cl.
Polarized excitation reduces the background in the spectrum, which is created by scattering the excitation radiation at the sample. In comparison to a standard setup this background is reduced and the reachable detection limits are drastically lower.
Si(Li) detection systems allow the analysis of low and high energy fluorescence radiation at the same time. The resolution at a level of < 155 eV for Mn Ka is one of the charcteristics of this system. The new detection systems in the X-Lab 2000 show an improved signal-to-shelf and signal-to-tail ratio by a factor of 2-5. This especially is beneficial for the analysis of trace element contents next to high concentration element fluorescence lines.
The universal X-Lab 2000 especially is used in those applications, where with little sample preparation a large number of elemental concentrations need to be determined. The element range covers all elements from Na- U. The unique data processing algorithms allow an analysis without any further input of sample matrix. For many elements LODs in the range of less than 1 mg/kg are reached.
Typically the instrument is used for environmental samples ( filters, soil, sludges ) as well as in the recycling industry. It also often is used in geological applications as well as in pharmaceuticals’ process control.
Using polarized excitation radiation together with a Pd target end window tube gives the advantage of a high sensitivity analysis of the element range Na- U in a wide range of matrices. The Si(Li) semiconductor detector with improved characteristics together with the analyzer software fit together to a instrument, which is regarded as the benchmark in high sensitivity EDXRF.
SPECTRO - the global leader in Optical Emission and XRF Spectroscopy, is a multinational company committed to innovation, instrumentation support and service. With more than 500 employees, SPECTRO has shipped over 19,000 instruments to customers throughout the world. SPECTRO is committed to producing advanced products, better and more diverse solutions, and providing an unparalleled support infrastructure.


Bruker Daltonics and Bruker AXS Announce Closing of Merger
"Today Bruker Daltonics and Bruker AXS come together as operating companies of Bruker BioSciences," said Frank H. Laukien, Ph.D., Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Bruker BioSciences. "We are excited about the opportunity to combine forces with Bruker AXS and strengthen our presence in the marketplace, particularly in proteomics." ( life sciences industry). The stock deal is worth $103.6 million
In connection with the merger, Bruker BioSciences has formed two operating subsidiaries, Bruker AXS Inc. and Bruker Daltonics Inc., into which it has transferred substantially all of the assets and liabilities, except cash, which formerly belonged to Bruker AXS and Bruker Daltonics, respectively.
As a result of the merger, Bruker BioSciences expects to offer a significantly broader technology base and product portfolio, as well as an increased global distribution, sales and service infrastructure, while retaining the entrepreneurial spirit and impressive growth of the two individual companies. Bruker BioSciences will have a more diversified customer base including pharmaceutical, diagnostics, biotech and other industrial companies, as well as other academic, medical school and governmental customers. "
Combined, the companies expect revenue of between $250 million and $260 million for 2003.
Its new name and Nasdaq symbol, BRKR will start trading on July 2


TOPAS V2.1 is a major update to V2.0 including numerous improvements within the graphical user interface such as modelling of observed line profile shapes, display of scan data and refinement results as well as output of refinement results on printer or into files. Most important new features include the Double-Voigt Approach for crystallite size and strain analysis as well as powerful functions for structure determination.



In 2003, SPECTRO presented the new 200T successor SPECTRO PHOENIX to the public for the first time. The SPECTRO PHOENIX now has a larger chamber for the sample material, comes with a network interface, and is even more robust than its predecessor. The system was also updated with reference to the newest analysis guidelines and is suitable for a wide range of applications.
Since its introduction to the market in 1991, the SPECTRO 200 / 200T has maintained its claim to the top of the market segment for compact bench top X-ray fluorescence analysis instruments. So that it stays there, the SPECTRO developers went to work. The result: a new instrument and a fitting new name.
The product brochure is available at our intranet website.


Net sales for the three months ended March 31, 2003 increased 22% to $29.0 million, compared to $23.8 million for the three months ended March 31, 2002. After elimination of favourable currency effects, revenue growth was 6%. Gross margins for the quarter continued to improve, increasing to 40.3%, compared to 38.3% for the first quarter of 2002.
Cash and cash equivalents totaled $48.6 million as of March 31, 2003. During the first quarter 2003, the Company paid off total debt of approximately $1.7 million.
Strong sales of X-ray fluorescence systems, including the S4 Pioneer, and improved after-market sales were the drivers of growth, although $3.6 million of positive currency affects and $1.6 million of revenues from last year’s acquisition of MAC Science Ltd aqlso played a significant role.

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