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Achema Show 2003
JULABO will present its entire program of temperature control instruments in a 130 square meter booth-space. Among the familiar products will be quite some surprises! It pays to visit our booth, as every visitor gets a chance to be entered into a draw to win great prizes! The JULABO booth will be located in Hall 6.1, Stand D9-E12.


Special: New 24 month Warranty
From January 1, 2003, JULABO has extended the warranty period on its instruments to 24 months or 10,000 operating hours at no charge to the customer! To obtain the warranty extension, the user needs to register the unit’s serial number on JULABO’s website. The form is quickly filled out and will assure that you benefit from this offer. This extended warranty applies without any restrictions for ALL original JULABO instruments in our current product portfolio.


Highly Dynamic Temperature Control Systems
With its Presto LH and Forte HT Highly Dynamic Temperature Control Systems, JULABO offers innovative solutions for external temperature control applications for the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology and semiconductor field. The new catalog is available free of charge from JULABO or online at http://www.julabo.de


FCW2500T Water Cooled Recirculating Cooler
The new FCW2500T offers plenty of power for cooling and heating applications from –25°C to +80°C. Therefore 2500 W of cooling (@ +20°C) and 1200 W of heating are provided. The unit is water-cooled and generates virtually no heat and also operates at very low noise levels. For more information, click on http://www.julabo.de


UltraLow Refrigerated Circulators
New options are available for UltraLow Refrigerated Circulators. The new HSP booster pumps and new HST booster heaters will noticeably increase the pump and heating capacity. Ideal for large or remote temperature control applications. Improved insulation of the unit helps prevent ice build up in the bath fluid. For an additional cost, the temperature range can be extended to +150°C and for selected models even up to +180°C. More information at http://www.julabo.de


HOT DEALS: Temperature Control and Automization
Purchase an F30-C or F31-C Compact Refrigerated Circulator before 6/30/03 and get FREE Watch and Control 2000 software and a FREE interface cable! What’s so good about this? It means that you can leave the application alone! The free software and cable package contains everything you need to control, graph and record the measurement data via PC. Take advantage of this limited time offer and create a automated laboratory! To get your free software and cable, please reference to this newsletter when placing your order.


New on www.julabo.de
JULABO introduced its new look website in Summer 2002. The layout was completely overhauled and new sections were introduced. The product section contains complete 360° views of many models. There is a new accessories section and the new catalog can be downloaded as a .pdf file. Fill in and send our new website survey and you will get a FREE Julabo T Shirt. Check out our website at http://www.julabo.de


JULABO Service Tips & Tricks
If you have questions about ICC Temperature Control or Proportional Cooling, then click on over to the JULABO website. There you will find an extensive list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) on these subjects. Under "Download" you will find further information on pin alignments, case studies and program examples.


JULABO Trade Show Schedule 2003

Arab Lab - Dubai (UAE), February 3-6
Pittcon - Orlando (USA), March 10-13
ACS Spring - New Orleans (USA), March 24-26
InCom - Duesseldorf (Germany), March 25-27
Achema - Frankfurt (Germany), May 19-24
Chemie - Moscow (Russia), September 8-12


No nitrogen cooling required / Convenient operation: only one calibration for the measurement range from "sulfur-free" to 500 mg/kg
February 2003 With the energy-dispersive XRF system SPECTRO XEPOS for the analysis of sulfur in fuels, SPECTRO advances into measurement ranges that were previously restricted to the significantly more expensive wavelength-dispersive XRF instruments. The bench top XEPOS achieves a detection limit of less than 1 mg/kg for sulfur in fuels.
Recently there has been an international push to reduce the limits of sulfur in fuels. By 2010, the maximum allowed content of sulfur will decrease to 10 mg/kg in gasoline and 50 mg/kg in diesel fuel. For analyses methods used in the petrochemical industry this means, in turn, that the detection limit should be a factor of 10 less than the required limits. Thus, conventional energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis, the cost-effective and user-friendly standard method for oil laboratories, will become obsolete.
The technologically advanced ED-XRF SPECTRO XEPOS, however, achieves the required sulfur detection limit of less than 1 mg/kg. The primary reason for this can be found in the proprietary polarized excitation radiation, which enables an almost complete suppression of the spectral background, increasing sensitivity by a factor of four versus conventional energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers. A high-resolution, peltier cooled, Si drift chamber is used as a detection system, eliminating the need for liquid nitrogen cooling.

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