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New relation between Omega systems and an ex Spectro worker:
Dr. Schramm worked for Spectro until June 2002. He started in Spectro about 8 years ago. He has a chemical background and was responsible for the development of the Xepos. His job in Spectro was the sales manager for the EDX systems in Europe. In June this year he started his own business selling sample cups and parts for sample preparation. He is now the European sales representative for a American sample preparation company (I think it is Spex). He is located in Kleve in the same building of the company HD Electronic. The owner of HD Electronic is Mr. Dzierzawa, some of you already know him. I heard from Mr. Dzierzawa and Dr. Schramm that they met Wil de Jongh jr. and that there will be a cooperation between their companies and Dr. Schramm will sell, install and train UniQuant. They are also working on a sample preparation method of glass beads for Ferro alloys. This will be finished beginning of 2003 and will be offered to UniQuant users.


SPECTRO Italy appoints new sales Agencies to expand its customer sales and support coverage in the Italian territory
ASSING S.p.A. of Monterotondo (RM) has been appointed the exclusive agency for SPECTRO XRF products in most of the Italian territory. ASSING is an established distributor of electron microscopy and X-ray instrumentation serving the Italian industrial and academic markets since 1971. Headquartered in Monterotondo, near Rome, and with offices in Milan and Catania it counts with an experienced and knowledgeable staff ready to address the opportunities and potential of SPECTRO XRF product lines (X-lab, X-test and Xepos) and to provide a high level of customer attention.


Rainer Schramm left Spectro some 4 or 5 month ago. His successor is Mr. Melcom Haig
He is now the Product Manager for Europe.


SPECTRO and Rigaku, the leading Japanese manufacturer of Wavelength Dispersive XRF spectrometers, began their strategic alliance in November of 1998. Since the original agreement for the distribution of the SPECTRO ICP spectrometers, the agreement has since been extended to include SPECTRO's line of Polarized Energy Dispersive XRF spectrometers.


The NEW D8 DISCOVER - New Frontiers in the Nano-World
The NEW D8 DISCOVER – more functionality, easier to use, higher safety … than ever before.

The NEW D8 DISCOVER is redesigned with improvements to not only the measurement software, but to more than 100 individual mechanical parts. This redesign increases the functionality of the system while making operation easier for the user. In addition, an extended level of operation safety is implemented.

The NEW D8 DISCOVER features:
the new Centric Eulerian cradle
the new Pathfinder module
the new LEPTOS thin film evaluation software
the new MULTEX Area software and
the new add-on robotic wafer handler


Spectro has announced a collaboration with process automation specialist FLS Automation A/S (Copenhagen, Denmark), for the marketing and development of laboratory automation analysis systems for the mining, metal, cement and other industries, The spectrometer specialist will take advantage of the expertise of FLS Automation and its subsidiary Pfaff AQS in the engioneering of sample collection and preparation systems, to produce integrated, automated process control solutions


Relaunch of the Bruker AXS Website: What's new?
Presentation of the business areas to which Bruker AXS offers outstanding solutions:
Molecular Structure Determination
Material Research and Science
Industrial Process and Quality Control

New customer area providing a literature pool where registered customers can download various publications
More new pages:
- Products - Lab automation solutions
- News - Used Instruments and Components for sale


Bruker AXS cuts costs despite good quarter
Bruker AXS has announced a restructuring aimed at taking $2-3 million out of annual costs, despite exceeding expectations in the third quarter of fiscal 2002 ended 30th June. Revenues were up to 19% compared with a year ago at $24.0 million. Net income of $0.6 million improved compared with a net loss of &1.8 previously. For the first six months sales grew 22% to $47.8 million and net income was $0.9 million, as against a net loss of $1.6 million. Growth was driven by sales of its X-ray systems in the materials science sector. Sales in Japan were boosted by the acquisition of MAC Science. Bruker AXS expects strong 20% growth for the rest of the year from materials sciences and its life sciences, where the company just launched a new range of X-ray based systems for structural proteomics. That growth could take Bruker AXS to over $100 million in annual sales.


It is said that Spectro is experiencing financial problems, and as a consequence are raising their prices. ?50k for a Xepos is a lot and can only help Philips and Bruker S2 to a lesser extent. Over the last four years there price has gone up 50%.


Bruker AXS launches its complete new X8 Product Line for Life Science Applications at IUCr Conference in Geneva, Switzerland.

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