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Bruker AXS Acquires MAC Science to Further Penetrate Japanese Life Science and Materials Research Markets.

MADISON, Wis.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 18, 2002--Bruker AXS Inc. BAXS, a leading global provider of advanced X-ray solutions for the life and advanced materials sciences, today announced that its wholly owned Japanese subsidiary, Nihon Bruker AXS K.K., has signed a binding agreement to acquire substantially all the assets and certain liabilities of MAC Science Ltd., a Yokohama, Japan-based company focused on X-ray analysis instrumentation. The transaction is expected to close in the second quarter of 2002.

MAC Science was founded in 1987, and has become a significant participant in the Japanese X-ray and thermal analysis instrumentation market. The Japanese X-ray analysis market is estimated to total more than $150 million annually. MAC Science has an established Japanese distribution system with both a direct sales and a service force, as well as an additional distributors network. Since its foundation, MAC Science has installed more than 1,500 systems in Japan and the Pacific Rim.

Bruker AXS entered the Japanese market in 1997 with its CCD-based life-science systems, and has established a strong position in the crystallography market. The new combined business will be located in the Tokyo area to provide strong sales, applications and service support for the existing and future customers of Bruker AXS and MAC Science. The new facility will also house R&D, production and final systems integration for the Japanese market.
Dr. Martin Haase, President and CEO of Bruker AXS, said: "The good market position of MAC Science and its excellent compact X-ray source technology will allow us to further penetrate the large Japanese analytical X-ray market, which we estimate to account for more than 25% of the total world market. Having R&D and an assembly line close to our customers in Japan will enhance our ability to meet their demanding product and support requirements."

"We expect this acquisition to add approximately $2 million to our quarterly revenue, starting in the fourth quarter of 2002," continued Ms. Laura Francis, new CFO of Bruker AXS. "We anticipate that in 2003, this revenue component will begin to grow at our overall revenue target growth rate of greater than 15% per annum. In 2002, we estimate that this acquisition will have a dilutive effect on EPS of approximately $0.02 per share whereas in 2003 we do not expect any dilutive effect of the MAC Science acquisition. We anticipate that by 2004 the MAC Science acquisition will become accretive to our earnings."
Frank H. Laukien, Chairman of Bruker AXS, commented: "I expect that the combined business will give us the critical mass to grow our Japanese business significantly, and that we can become one of the top two players in advanced x-ray solutions in Japan. We believe this acquisition is a great strategic fit for Bruker AXS, and an excellent use of our IPO proceeds. The MAC Science acquisition will grow our technology and customer base, and should further accelerate our revenue and earnings growth."
Mr. Sadao Ueki, President of Nihon Bruker AXS KK, added: "The business combination of Bruker AXS and MAC Science will enable us to significantly broaden our presence in Japan. The dedicated MAC Science management team and employees will integrate well with our existing organization. I am excited about this transaction and foresee an excellent business opportunity for our combined forces."
Mr. Hideo Ohta of MAC Science, Technical Director of the future MAC Science Division of Bruker AXS, stated: "Bruker AXS has an excellent and very innovative product portfolio. When combined with our technologies and market know-how, we expect to become an important presence in the attractive Japanese analytical X-ray market. Our management team and employees are excited to join Bruker AXS. The Bruker AXS strategy to provide innovative technology-leading solutions and high-level in-country support for our customers will be a strong foundation for success."


Spectro targets life sciences
Spectro Analytical has created Spectro BioNova to offer an expanded range of analytical tools to the lie science and pharmaceutical sectors.


A SPECTRO van equipped with newest XRF technology has started a demonstration tour throughout Europe:
April 15-27: Slovakia
May 13-17: South Germany
May 20-31: Greece
June 24-July 5: Italy
September 16-20: North and East Germany
November 18-21: Netherlands


Introduction of the S2 Ranger a bench top EDXRF unit. The unit is assembled in Congleton, UK. According Bruker, the system is introduced mainly versus Spectro !!!!
First issue of their new bulletin called : EDX News
Congleton appears to be their new EDX headquarters


Bruker AXS Announces Technology joint venture for innovative X-ray optics based on innovative coating technologies. A s part of the joint venture, Bruker AXS will hold 51% stake in INCOATEC GmbH, a German company that was spun off from the GKSS, a materials research centre located in Geesthacht, Germany.
This joint venture further enhances our already broad in-house technology portfolio, and allows us to drive development of next generation optics for our life sciences and materials science systems, GKSS will licence its relevant patents to INCOATEC, which will be manager by Dr Carsten Michaelsen and Dr Joerg Wiesmann.
Bruker AXS will exclusively market the INCOATEC products through its established global distribution organisation, and will provide capital and R&D resources to optimise the use of these optics in the field of X-Ray instrumentation


Spectro has announced record results for FY 2001, with sales up 7.1% to Euro 94.1 million.


SPECTRO Analytical Instruments announce record results for FY 2001
Kleve, Germany, January 10th, 2002 - SPECTRO Analytical Instruments announced record sales for its 2001 fiscal year. The audit of accounts has been completed by PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the final figures reflect sales of 94.1 million Euros for the 12 month period ending September 30th, 2001. This represents a 7.1% increase over the prior 12 month period. "Our investments in the Far East coupled with strong sales momentum in both ICP and XRF have more than offset the effects of a softening economy in North America.", commented Tom Blades, SPECTRO CEO.


Appointment of Dr. Joachim Heckel as Manager of Research and Development
Kleve, Germany, January 1st, 2002 - SPECTRO Analytical Instruments announced the appointment of Dr. Joachim Heckel as Manager of Research and Development.
Dr. Heckel, a graduate of the Technical University of Dresden, assumes this position after 11 years as R&D Manager for SPECTRO's XRF product line. Dr. Heckel assumes the R&D responsibilities held previously by Professor Heinz Falk.
Professor Heinz Falk, who served for 11 years as SPECTRO Managing Director is transiting to semi-retirement and will continue to work on key projects, as well provide technical guidance to the SPECTRO management team and support Dr. Joachim Heckel in his new role.
"In his 11 years as R&D manager for the SPECTRO XRF product line, Achim led the development of the SPECTRO XRF product line from market entry to its current level: The best performing XRF spectrometers available. His demonstrated understanding of our customers requirements, coupled with his extraordinary physics background and proven management skills will ensure that SPECTRO's instrumentation continues to be the industry benchmark for innovative and practical technology", commented Tom Blades, SPECTRO CEO.


Introduction of the S4 Pioneer.
The very compact S4 PIONEER high power 4 kW sequential X-ray Spectrometer provides the best analytical performance in short measuring time.


SPECTRO Analytical Instruments Managing Director Professor Heinz Falk to Retire
Kleve, Germany, December 21st, 2001 - SPECTRO Analytical Instruments announced that Professor Heinz Falk, Managing Director, has elected to retire effective January 1st, 2002.
Professor Falk graduated with a PhD in Physics from the Humboldt University of Berlin in 1968 and continued his career with the renown Academy of Sciences in Berlin. In 1972, Professor Falk was named one of the youngest Professors of the Academy and shortly thereafter was appointed as Deputy Director of the Institute for Optics and Spectroscopy. In 1989 he joined SPECTRO as the Director of Research and Development and in 1991 was appointed as Managing Director.

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