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Brief excursion on dimensioned Chemistry-2003

This time the exhibition was uncommonly "laboratory" concerning the participators membership. There is such an impression, that all the providers, working in our market sector took part in this event. There was even some kind of a "crowded" impression left. Is not it too much? (just, joking). As a matter of fact, it is great that the demonstration was so popular.

Russian producers of lab equipment were widely presented, such as Metalldesign, Bioline, Frame from St. Petersburg and Labromed from Moscow. By the way, two last companies are entirely new.

There was a lot of interesting things. It was funny to watch the stands of partners/competitor companies such as Petrotech (original, as always) and Laverna, appeared to be situated right at the opposite of each other.

Mettler came out pathos as always. As far as I remember there was everything in the past: two floors high exposition, the fountain on the stand. This time it was a "flying weight". Besides, the new scales presentation with the drawing of costly presents was held (unfortunately, we don’t know which).

Although, this way is better then Donau's one – for years showing the giant rotary evaporator on every exhibition.

Aurora was greatly performed by three stands at one time. Two on "Chemistry" – Aurora by itself and the lab equipment and furniture, and the one on Stroyindustria-2003, being held at the same time. But the whole idea is not understandable enough. Maybe, three little stands are cheaper than the big one? But the much-talked-of Oxfords Twin-X was nevertheless presented to us.

It is deserved when people from year to year support single corporative design and stands color spectrum style, how it is done by Dia'm and Econix - it gives the feeling of companies business reliability and firmness.

The Ecros approach to exposition designing is worthy of respect for its economy. In fact, can create one, but effective and well thought-out construction and use it on different exhibitions (if its not a mistake, the same stand was used on Oil & Gas 2003).

It was really strange to see the Labtech at the very end of the "Forum" hall.

Above all, the past exhibition amazed with an unexpected alliance of Millab and Nord-Ecologiya, Ecros – Lauda – Epak -VDMA. The most surprising thing is that the frieze inscription of the last one Lauda - was "mono" in spite of the "quadro" exponent’s composition. We offer a "What could it mean?" competition. Maybe we are the viewers of the new monster-corporation birth?

The German exhibitors (the largest in number among the Europeans, by the way) came out tightly connected and were actively searching for the dealers on the Russian market. I should mention that the Russian companies exposition looked much more interesting then the foreign ones.

As a matter of fact everything could not be told about. It was very pleasant to participate in such a representative and optimistic exhibition.

* We express our thanks to Mr. Mikhailovsky A.V. (Analytik Jena AG - St.-Petersburg Office) for photos were given by him and used for design this article.


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