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Would you tell me, how can I place the unique Lab.ru Club participator certificate?

It is very easy to place "Lab.ru Club" certificate. But it can be done only by the webmaster of your site, that is why you`ve got to ask him to do it.

All he needs to do is:
Step 1 - enter www.Lab.ru, find your organizations address card and copy the certificates unique soft code (marked out by bold type) from the "Service information" section.
Step 2 - insert the code into any suitable place on your corporative site. The code should be entirely copied and inserted without any constructional distortions.

You can copy the code by yourself and mail it to your webmaster. This way, you`ll do Step 1 for him.

From the moment the code was set, your company becomes the club advertisement program participator.

We strongly recommend to interpret the certificate as a rating counter and set its code on the maximum quantity of your sites pages (for example, right near the counter)- at this arrangement you`ll receive the bigger number of loads, and you`ll increase your chances to enter the "Lab.ru Top 10" leaders group.

If the unique certificate, placed on the participators recourse was not once exposed during a week, it is automatically left out of the Club with the condition of automatic rehabilitation in case of the certificates exposures renewal.


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