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How does the "club program" work? What means "Loads", "Visits", "Club's views"?

"You advertise your partnership in Lab.ru => we advertise You!"

From the moment the participators "Lab.ru Club" certificate is placed on your recourse, advertisement of your organization will be automatically appearing at us according to the Club program (in the middle of the right vertical band).

Logotype (trade mark) of your organization we will pick without assistance from your corporate recourse, but if you want to, you can send the original of your logo by e-mail. You will ease our work while processing your picture, and we'll be grateful.

On our pages we are consecutively and constantly broadcasting for every Club participator the following information: name of the organization, logotype or trademark with the reference to the address card and minimal set of statistic data:

  1. "Club views" - total number of loads of your advertisement on Lab.ru pages (club exposures are left off for a day if the number of exposures for the previous day is less then 10 times).
  2. "Loads" - total number of your certificate loads on the pages of your recourse (certificate is used as a counter for the attendance of laboratory thematic corporate recourses rating - Lab.ru Top 10. So we recommend you to place the certificate on the bigger number of your sites pages).
  3. "Visits"- total number of references to your organization address card on Lab.ru.

You can find extra information about the characteristics of "reference" and "loads" terms functioning in the answers to the questions about ratings.

Total statistic Clubs' information is placed in the "Lab.ru Club Catalogue"

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