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What should be done for the information about our firm to appear while using " Products search" resource?

Product's search according to its name is carried out at the principle of the "Price list catalogue" database analysis. Word or a set of words, inputted at the search line, is directly compared by the coincidence canon with the goods description at the price lists, and also with the names of the price lists. So if you want to use this system effectively you've got to send us your current price list (with the liability to sell product with the stated price till the moment of the official price list change). Layout of any quantity of price lists and their renewal is free for the manufacturers, and chargeable for the suppliers.

Requirements for the price list are very simple. It should be any electronic worksheet, consisting of at least four columns: catalogue number, description, price, discounts. Presence of the catalogue number is obligatory. You can add any other columns: full description, list of methods or documents, requirements for the power supply, weight characteristics, customs codes, notes, etc. The only left out thing is uniting cells of different lines and columns. There is a rule: each product is a line of four columns, information in the neighbor cells can be repeated many times, but the cells should always be ordered in a system and separated from each other. It's not favorable to use shortenings or conventional word distortion, because this exactly description is a set of keywords, used for searching of any product. It is much easier to search for the product, if it is described correctly.

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