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We saw the "Forgot the password?" option, but we won't be able to use it because we have no idea what information was registered be our former employee. The recurrent registration is not preferable for us since we don't think it's necessary to create the organization several times. That is why we asked you to give us the password and the login. Please, mail them to us if it is possible.

You've got just to enter all of your organization e-mail addresses (every time one address and press the "Send" button).

If one of this addresses had already been registered, the recurrent password will be send on this e-mail. Pay special attention to, that in this case the password isn't the old one, it is regenerated. So your former employee (aware of the old password and login/e-mail) won't be able to use them. Such system is comfortable for the efficient monitoring of your organization's registration data.

If the password won`t be received, it means that the registrated address is already not used by you. In this case the password reconstruction is impossible and the rewrite is necessary.

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