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Could you please explain, how can we use "Use of Lab.ru domain zone recourses; domain name www.<name>lab.ru; mail-box <name>@lab.ru for redirection" services?

We offer two variants: "Minimum" and "Standard".

According to the "Minimum" variant all the services are free of charge. We give you for use the third level domain zone name as www.>name<.lab.ru, chosen by you; and organize readdressing on any address you've already got existing with an already working site. Readdressing is organized by using the "miniframe" technology. On practice it allows to hide your real address (getting rid of things like narod.ru), yet it leaves a band with an low-pressure Lab.ru text advertisement at the lower side of the screen. A mail box with an address like >name<lab.ru works on the same principle of redirection- all the incoming mail is automatically transferred to your real address, outgoing mail goes with in the general way. The "Minimum" variant is small budget for us and free for you, it is mainly directed to giving a better image for your organization informational resources, in fact, professional point of view needs attention to all the details.

"Standard" variant is created for those, who don`t have their own resource, and those, who are not satisfied with the operability (immediacy, services' cost, appearance, etc.) of the already existing site. In this case you should give us all the technical and commercial information you posses and renew it on-the-fly according to your own demands. According to the "Standard" variant the site not only holds full production list with all the technical documents and photos, news tape and full dimensioned search, but it also automatically uses all the Lab.ru resources, such as the news tape distribution. There are two conditions while using this variant: information should be provided only in the standard format (Excel table) and also we don`t change the style of the site, we only select the color box, you are interested in, and the figure of the upper band.

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