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Would you say how we can find out our companies' position in Top 10 and Top 20 ratings? Or there are only 10 or 20 first positions shown in these ratings?

We are glad to see your interest. You can find the answer in the "Lab.ru Club Catalogue", where the current data of your resource look like this:

Club's views: 5234
Total number of loads: 3014
Yesterday loads: 77
Visits: 352
Club's views: enabled

Number of "views" is your resource's level index according to other "Lab.ru Top 10" rating participators (for example: the final rating position is 5102). The average number of "views" can be easily observed by the "Yesterday views" characteristic (current Rating leader has "667" index). The Club certification is stationed correctly on your resource (as a common counter on every page, so it counts real, highest number of all pages exposures).That is why our advises will be based on all-sufficient and full information. If you want to reach factual (not false) entering the "Lab.ru Top 10" leaders group, You`ve got to worry about increasing of Your resource`s attendance, which can be reached only by standart advertisement technologies (we`ve got a lot of free opportunities, for example, participating in "Provider`s News"), but the off-line support is also necessary(mail distribution, exhibitions, magazines, etc.). To my mind, the increasing of Your resources attendance is the true aim for product`s progress on the market. Yet, the rating position increase will become a good estimate for the right advertisment company and good assignment of achieved results.

Number of "Visits" is an index of your resource`s level relative to other "Lab.ru Top 20" rating participators (the final position in rating has "845" index). This rating reflects only the Lab.ru hosts interest in Your "Address card". It can be practically increased only by using the available advertisement technologies, most of all inside Lab.ru itself. However, during the usage of any advertisement technologies, one shouldn`t forget about the chief thing- advertisement is dedicated not for increasing position in ratings, but for the settlement of marketing tasks for the increasing of target audience`s awareness of your products and for building up the positive product`s image relative to the competitive offers.

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